Rod Stewart Concert, 1994

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Rod Stewart Concert, 1994

On New Year’s Eve December evening of 1994, Rod Stewart will set another world record; his concert on the beach of Copacabana (Brazil) will gather 3.6 million spectators. But even with a single encore, he will not please the public. At the end of the show, he will need an oxygen cushion. An ambulance will take him to the hospital, where he will spend New Year’s Eve. In June 1995, the photo of Rod Stewart reappeared on the cover of New Musical Express. The last time this happened 19 years ago. His new disc, “A Spanner in the Works”, most closely matches the early creative period and will be a gift to all ancient fans.

1994 – Rod Stewart’s Health at Risk

The album features beautifully arranged, tastefully selected cover versions of 1960s-70s classics such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Chris Rhee, Tom Petty, Sam Cook plus three new songs by Rod Stewart himself and his treatment of a Scottish folk song. From the abundance of flattering reviews that cause work, Rod managed to break the habit. “Before us is the old Rod – a musician, not a sex symbol,” they will write “one of the reviews. But in America the success of the album will be more than modest. Having reached the 35th position, the album will immediately leave the charts. Poetic single” Leave Virginia Alone “, specially written by Tom Petty, will not break into the” top 40 “. If We Fall In Love Tonight (1996) will correct the commercial situation. This half-compilation will become” platinum “both in England and in America, however, will put Stuart on a par with frank pop artists such as Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, etc.

Rod Stewart sings: For his next album, Stuart is already taking material from a completely different time – the compositions of the young generation of Primal Scream, Skunk Anansie and Oasis. Work will appear quite a hot commodity. The task of finding the lowest point in the musical career of our hero is extremely simple. This point is too visible. Having appeared on the charts in the region of the figure 50, the record “Human” within a couple of months has completely disappeared from sight. Radio stations, as if conspiring, stopped broadcasting songs from her. Newspapers wrote that the Atlantic company, on whose label the disc was recorded, plans to terminate the contract, since there was no disc sold in such a low circulation over the veto of its existence. This failure was out of place like never before. The album was, in the literal sense of the word, long-awaited. It was released in March 2001, postponing the proposed release for almost a year. Everything was almost ready, lacking a few finishing touches, but the performer did not appear in the studio for nine months.

Rod Stuart’s costume Once upon a time, and in August 1994, Rod Stuart sued The Sun, claiming that severe inflammation of the lymph nodes in his throat promises an end to his career. What could be worse than the thought of losing your voice! Trying to save him, Stewart never smoked, he was kind to his health, and maintained his athletic form by playing football. And in April 2000, during a routine physical examination, a diagnosis will sound that could deprive almost anyone of the voice. For several days Rod Stewart could not speak. A CT scan revealed thyroid cancer. According to the forecasts of doctors, further performances could be forgotten. Subsequently, the tumor was recognized as benign, however, cancer cells were found in the surrounding tissues. No one knew if, after the operation, his unique “rough” voice would return to Stuart. Doctors have forbidden to find out for six months. Rod added another three months for insurance. In the event of an adverse outcome, he decided to go in for gardening or become an antique dealer.