Contemporary symphonic music: LORDS OF THE SOUND orchestra

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Contemporary symphonic music: LORDS OF THE SOUND orchestra

“Symphony is the disclosure of artistic intent with the help of consistent and purposeful musical development, which includes confrontation and a qualitative transformation of themes and thematic elements.” As you know, symphonic music can be performed not only by symphony orchestras, but is primarily associated with them. Namely, in their performance it is so mesmerizing. And today we will tell you about one modern symphony orchestra.

Lords of the Sound was born recently – in 2014, when the orchestra was founded by the producer of the group Andrew Novatorov in partnership with conductors Vitaliy Sarazhinsky and Vitaly Fizer.

In April 2014, their first official performance was held in the concert hall of the artist’s house. The program 100% SOUNDTRACKHITS captivated the audience and became the hallmark of the orchestra, and April 23 – birthday. Soon followed by concert tours of the cities and not only participation in festivals.

As stated on the band’s official website, “the orchestra’s composition is talented youth who have passed the competitive selection and have proven their right to create in one of the best European collectives.”

Professional and masterly performance of soundtracks for masterpieces of world cinema has become the main feature of the team. In one evening, the viewer can plunge into the world of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Hotel Grand Budapest, 5 elements, Gravity, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as the Smell of a woman, Avatar and Pulp Fiction. And many other films with amazing soundtracks. Today in their repertoire – more than 200 works of various genres and directions. We offer YOUR attention only five of them.


  1. Lords of the Sound – one of the most popular and sought after orchestras in the country.
  2. The anniversary program will shock the scale and rich content.
  3. A bright and colorful movie universe will open to the viewers.

Lords of the Sound is a celebration of true gourmet music.

On October 18, at the Palace of Ukraine, your favorite Lords of the Sound orchestra will present the exclusive program “Movie Hit: The Best in 5 Years”. The famous team celebrates its anniversary, join us!

The virtuosos of Lords of the Sound will become the connecting thread between the public and the musical world of the favorite movies of our era. A real whirlwind of emotions awaits you!

“Movie Hits: The Best of 5 Years”: celebrate the anniversary of Lords of the Sound together.

Each performance is an enchanting music show filled with drive and unrestrained energy. Music for movie hits is one of the most famous areas that the team develops. The audience is always looking forward to another meeting with musicians. And for their anniversary performance, they prepared a delicious program. It included soundtracks from such movie masterpieces:

  • “Sherlock Holmes”;
  • “Pirates of the Caribbean”;
  • “Harry Potter”;
  • “Crime novel”;
  • “The matrix”;
  • “Rocky”;
  • “Moulin rouge”;
  • “Terminal”;
  • “Game of Thrones”;
  • “007”;
  • “The Master and Margarita”;
  • “Professional”;
  • “Titanic” and others.

Each composition will receive a multifaceted embodiment and combine high-quality music, powerful vocals, modern lighting and visual effects. Come to the world-class show!