How to get to the best theaters in the world inexpensively?

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How to get to the best theaters in the world inexpensively?

La Scala
Italy, Milan

The uniqueness of this theater is in its excellent acoustics, ceremonial decoration and world-class stars. Even those guests of Milan who do not consider themselves fans of opera music, at least once in their life, want to get to La Scala. However, this is not easy to do: almost all tickets to the famous theater are sold out long before the performance, and prices for stalls sometimes reach several thousand euros. If you were not able to pre-buy tickets on the official website, do not worry, there is another way to get to the show inexpensively.

On the day of the evening performance, you need to go to 13:00 with a passport to the box office of the theater and enroll in the queue for a ticket. And at 17:00 at the same place the first 140 signatories will give the opportunity to buy seats for only a few euros. It is advisable to check the details in advance at the theater box office, because preferential tickets for the performance you are interested in may not always be available.

Metropolitan Opera
USA, New York

The Metropolitan Opera is considered one of the leading opera houses in the world and, of course, the best theater in the United States. Its hall is designed for 3900 seats, but, despite its impressive size, the Metropolitan Opera is famous for its excellent acoustics. At different times, such artists as Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Enrico Caruso, Adam Didur and many others performed on the famous stage.

Every year the Metropolitan Opera gives more than two hundred performances, but the theater itself is open only seven months a year – from September to April. All performances can be purchased at the box office or on the official website. However, if someone cannot afford their price, remember that you can even see famous shows for free. Each summer, the Metropolitan Opera gives performances in New York parks, and also broadcasts its performances in real time on the Internet on the official website.

Grand Opera
France Paris

Grand Opera, aka Opera Garnier, aka Paris Opera – the center of theatrical culture of France. It is known to many as the habitat of the famous literary character Gaston Leroux – the Phantom of the Opera. To visit here is the dream of any theater lover, because it was the Grand Opera that hosted almost all the stars of opera and ballet on its stage.

Tickets for any performance can be bought at the box office of the theater or on the official website. It’s better to think about going to this theater in advance, because sometimes tickets are sold out a year before the start of the performance. However, there is always a chance to get to the Paris Opera. A couple of hours before the start of the performance, cashiers sell tickets, which for some reason were returned by the visitors themselves. Also at this time, 32 “gallery” tickets appear at the box office, which can be bought for just a few euros.

Vienna State Opera
Austria Vienna

Vienna has always been and remains the center of classical music in Europe, and the Vienna State Opera is one of the most prestigious venues for opera performances, ballets, symphony concerts and social balls.

However, the theater, although it offers its listeners a varied repertoire, is rightfully considered the guardian of the best traditions of the Viennese classical school, and primarily Mozart. Another pride of the famous Austrian theater is its architecture. The building, which now houses the Vienna State Opera, was built in 1869 and has long been considered the best theater building in the world.

Tickets for all performances of the Vienna State Opera should be bought in advance at the box office or on the official website of the theater, but be prepared for the fact that opera is an expensive pleasure. But for those who are ready to give up their own comfort, the theater offers standing seats at a cost of only a few euros (tickets can be bought right before the performance). There is also another option to see the performance – a large screen is installed on the theater building, which broadcasts everything that happens inside.

Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Great Britain, London

The most famous theater in Great Britain is the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. This theater is the home stage of the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera, and touring artists from around the world often perform here. Covent Garden was founded back in 1732 and in three centuries managed to change three buildings. But now it boasts the latest speaker system and a four-level auditorium with a capacity of 2268 spectators. His repertoire includes works by various national schools – from the classical era to the present. Often in Covent Garden perform performances in the original language, which distinguishes it from many other theaters.

Of course, tickets to famous shows are being sold out many months in advance. They can be purchased both at the box office of the theater, and on the site. But keep in mind that sometimes some cheap tickets are left for sale on the day of submission.