Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has always sought to immortalize his name and work, so the fixation of records and achievements played an important role in his career. Jackson owns dozens of officially established records in the field of income, circulation, sphere of influence, positions on the charts and awards for creativity and charity. This page contains only the most prominent of them.

The youngest musician to win charts. At age 11, Michael became the youngest vocalist to reach the top of the Billboard chart in the United States, with the song “I Want You Back” in 1969.

The most successful musician of all time. Michael Jackson sold over 380 million CDs under his brand and brought the music industry more than five billion US dollars. In 1989, he became the first musician whose income for the year was $ 100 million. In 1991, he signed the biggest contract in the history of show business – a deal with Sony / Epic / Warner on the release of music and films for $ 890 million.

The most popular artist of all time. Michael Jackson’s concerts have been attended by over 17 million people. Seven concerts at the Wembley Stadium in London in the summer of 1988 broke the record for attendance at one venue – 504 thousand spectators visited them, and another 2 times as many did not get tickets. Jackson’s performance during the break of the SuperBowl match was the most successful on TV – it gathered 113.4 million viewers from the screens. Tickets for the last failed concerts of This Is It in 2009 were sold at an unprecedented speed: one and a half thousand per minute.

The most awarded artist of all time. Michael Jackson received 372 official awards – not counting gold, platinum and diamond disks. He broke the record for American Music Awards (26), World Music Awards (16) and Billboard awards (26). In 1984, he won a record number of Grammy nominations and awards in one ceremony (12 and 8, respectively).

Blood On The Dance Floor

The highest, longest and widest debut on the charts. In 1995, for the first time in history, the song “You Are Not Alone” debuted on the Billboard chart immediately in first place. Jackson is the only artist to have hit the Top 40 on the Billboard for four decades. He also set a record for the number of countries in which his albums reached the top of the charts (25 countries).

The most popular album in the world. Thriller’s 1982 album, according to 2009, has sold a world record record of more than 110 million copies. Michael Jackson also owns the most successful double album in history (HIStory – Past, Present and Future, Book I) and the most successful remix album in history (Blood On The Dance Floor / HIStory In The Mix).

The most recognizable person on Earth. Michael Jackson has become a world cultural symbol, recognizable to a greater extent than Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus. Jackson’s name and music are known throughout the world from Chinese villages to African semi-wild tribes. One of the vivid confirmations can be seen in the documentary about the Amazon tribes, where the Indians recognize Michael Jackson among the frames with unfamiliar symbols of Western civilization.

The most photographed person of his era. Many of Michael Jackson’s photographs taken over his life by photographers, paparazzi, and fans are beyond calculation. A huge number of them are available on the Internet, and many more photos remain unreleased.

The largest philanthropist among show business figures. Throughout his career, Michael Jackson, through solo projects alone, raised over $ 200 million for charity. In 1985, the song “We Are The World”, written by USA for Africa, brought him 67 million in favor of the starving in Africa. In 2000, Jackson entered the Guinness Book of Records as an artist supporting 39 charities.

The highest posthumous earnings. In 2010, Michael Jackson topped the Forbes list of celebrities with the highest posthumous income. Revenues from the sale of his music and goods with his brand amounted to $ 275 million and exceeded the total revenue of all other Top 10 participants.
It is worth adding one more record.

The largest number of records. Michael Jackson also holds the lead in the number of records set by one person. In total, he owns about 80 world and hundreds of local records. This page shows only a small part of them.
Michael earned ten points in the 2000 Guinness Book of Records, setting a record for the number of Guinness World Records.