The new season of “Game of Thrones” with the music of Ramin Javadi breaks records

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The new season of “Game of Thrones” with the music of Ramin Javadi breaks records

The first episode of the final eighth episode of Game of Thrones has already been watched by 12 million viewers – an absolute record for popularity throughout the history of the series. The success is partly due to great music, the author of which is the permanent composer of the franchise, Ramin Djawadi.

Earlier, an Iranian-German composer said in an interview with Variety that the music in the new episode is expected to be tense and epic, there will be new material that no one has heard yet, but also many previously sounded themes will return. There are also recycled tunes. For example, the main theme of the series in the closing credits of the first series is presented in a slower version with intermittent cello. With the development of the plot, the orchestration became grander, more voices and instruments appeared. At the end of season six, Ramin first used the piano. In the eighth season, the largest orchestra of 60 musicians is involved, a mixed choir of 40 vocalists and a choir of 12 children.

Ramin Javadi is known as the author of music for blockbusters such as Iron Man, Pacific Rim, Clash of the Titans, Warcraft and the Great Wall, as well as the Wild West series. A graduate of Berkeley College and a student of Hans Zimmer, he was widely known for being the composer of all episodes of Game of Thrones – the most popular series in the world today. Work on the soundtrack earned him the prestigious Emmy Award for musical accompaniment to the last episode of the seventh episode, dubbed The Dragon and the Wolf. In addition, Javadi toured twice with a world orchestra tour based on music for the series.

After the end of each season, the creators of Game of Thrones release their official soundtrack on WaterTower Music, a division of Warner Music, which also includes music by Alexander Despla, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore and other famous film composers. Therefore, even if at the end of the eighth season all your favorite characters die, at least great music will remain in your memories.