Wembley is not just about football. Here was perhaps the greatest Queen concert

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Wembley is not just about football. Here was perhaps the greatest Queen concert

In the first place of the world film distribution – the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the life of Freddie Mercury and the history of the group Queen. He has already raised more than 250 million worldwide. Mercury was played by Rami Malek (an actor from the series “Mr. Robot”), he is called a candidate for an Oscar for best actor.


One of the key scenes of the film is dedicated to the legendary Queen concert at the Live Aid festival in 1985. He walked in support of those affected by the terrible famine in Ethiopia in the mid-80s. Live Aid was carried out simultaneously at two huge venues – Wembley (then the arena accommodated 82 thousand people) and John F. Kennedy Stadium (99 thousand people, Philadelphia, USA, demolished in 1992). Live Aid broadcast was watched by nearly two billion people in 150 countries. As a result, the organizers raised $ 283 million, although they planned much less (about 1 million pounds).

Queen concert

Concerts at Wembley by that time had already been held for more than 15 years: the first pro-rock group Yes played there in 1969. For Queen, it was a debut in the main football arena of Britain, after which they returned there twice more. By comparison, Michael Jackson performed at Wembley 15 times, with a total of more than a million tickets sold for these shows. Queen’s performance on Live Aid was watched by 72 thousand people. The Wembley concert attendance record now belongs to Adele. In July 2017, her show brought together 98 thousand people at the stadium – the absolute record of England.

The Live Aid was played by David Bowie, U2, Elton John and many others, but the main set was the Queen set, which lasted only 21 minutes. Today he is considered almost the best live performance of the group. It was disassembled into the smallest details: it is even known in which sneakers Freddy drove around the stage.

Elton John

It was a pair of adidas Hercules, designed for boxing. An unremarkable model that has not been on sale for a long time – nevertheless, in these sneakers, Freddy went to concerts throughout Europe.


Initially, Queen did not want to participate in Live Aid, because they were exhausted after a big tour of Asia and Oceania. But, having learned about the charitable concept of the festival, the musicians agreed. Queen performed just 6 songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Ga Ga, Hammer To Fall, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. According to legend, they rehearsed these songs for three days in a row. These were old hits that they performed many times, but Freddie and the band wanted to bring everything to perfection.

Queen offered to close the festival, but they decided to perform in the middle of the concert. Just before the performance, the concert engineer changed the sound settings so that the band’s performance was the loudest. Freddy closed and opened Queen’s performance, sitting at the huge piano.