Why The New Joker Film Will Impress You In 2019

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Why The New Joker Film Will Impress You In 2019

Gotham dweller, middle-aged Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is working for pennies a clown on a call, shares a flat with an elderly mother, trying unsuccessfully to become a standup comedian and believes that had never been happy in his entire life. It can be understood: all around, from applying for the post of mayor of billionaire Thomas Wayne to street boys refer to it in the best case with disdain at worst – and at ridicule or hit in the face. Perhaps the fact that Fleck in any strange situation begins to laugh unpleasantly. At some point, Arthur decides that his laughter – a great accompaniment to the one-man show: the eyes of Gotham has evolved from a small inconspicuous person supervillain Joker.

Why Is It Worth To Watch 

Phoenix three times nominated for “Oscar”, but so far the actor has not won any awards the American Academy. “Joker” gives him the opportunity to compete for the prize again, and chances are high: Joaquin is playing its anti-hero with frightening dedication. It’s not just that Phoenix has lost more than 20 kilograms; his facial expressions, gestures, intonation led to believe that he fully immersed himself in Arthur – and at some point, you start to worry about the mental health of the actor. In addition, director Todd Phillips, known for his comedic trilogy of “The Hangover“, have made a great tribute to the films of the 1970s and 1980s: “Joker” – gloomy and evil movie, brings to mind, for example, some of the work Scorsese (effect is enhanced thanks to the presence in the frame of Robert De Niro in the lead role of the popular TV show). So let’s hope that soon Joaquin Phoenix will be able to add such an honorary award as an Oscar to his LinkedIn profile. In my opinion, every actor, even those who don’t know how to share linkedin profile url dreams about it.

Why It Can Disappoint You

Someone from the audience will scare the level of violence; others remain dissatisfied with the fact that if the film does not approve, then at least partially justify this violence. In the end, “Joker” – a movie about resentment and revenge, ribbon, a slogan which could be the pretty tiresome phrase “Eat the rich” (or at least those whose lives, as it seems, there was better).